Thursday, January 9, 2020

2020 Vision

January 2020 Prakasa Newsletter:
“2020 Vision”

The traditional new year adage “out with the old and in with the new” has more relevance now, as we step into 2020, than ever before. From a vantage point of physical health “2020” indicates perfect eyesight and clear vision. From a spiritual perspective 2020 means living in total sync with your life and soul paths, AND in reciprocity with Nature/Earth. From a mental/emotional stance 2020 is about releasing outdated belief systems, old stories, emotional wounds and triggers that keep us from knowing our divinity.

Instead of jumping on the New Year resolution bandwagon focused on external perceptions (losing weight, gaining muscle mass, giving up coffee/sugar/etc.) spend some valuable time reflecting on your personal connection to Spirit. Meditate and listen to what your “inner” wise person has to say. Discern which mental beliefs you can shed in order to step into a brighter future. Explore holistic modalities that facilitate deep emotional healing. Incorporate new habits that nourish your body, mind and spirit.

And most importantly,
Spend more time accepting and loving yourself!!

With 2020 vision, you can:
> Align your dreams with your highest Self.
> Create new habits that bring out your best personality traits.
> Take actions to heal your past and move forward with newfound freedom and zest for life.
> Shift from an ego-driven approach to decision making to a Spirit-driven life.

Right now, in January (Capricorn) there’s a powerhouse of celestial powers supporting
 inner growth and transformation on a global scale. Mercury (communication), Saturn (father/patriarchy), Pluto (completion/endings), Sun (soul growth), Ceres (mother) and Jupiter (good fortune) are having a ‘party’ in Capricorn. That party started with the solar eclipse on December 26, continues with the lunar eclipse on January 10 and culminates on Sunday, January 12 with a masterful conjunction at 2:22pm.

 All of these alignments and transits are meant to shake up the status quo.
They help us discern what we need to let go and what we must change and cultivate to move forward. The celestial influences invite/nudge/prod us to evolve as one human family - with love and compassion for all living things.

Let’s welcome 2020 by enacting change first within ourselves. Then can we make positive strides to create positive change at local, national and global levels.

Ask yourself:
Where/how do patriarchal attitudes reside within me? What beliefs can I change to create greater harmony between the divine masculine and divine feminine within myself?
When we establish integrity within ourselves, we will gain greater clarity – 2020 vison. The ways we act in the world will shift, and we’ll start to create a more harmonious world; one worth inhabiting for generations to come.

And that my friend is what the ‘party in the heavens’ astrology is all about. Dismantle the old outdated patriarchal paradigm and establish a new global vision that supports happy humans and a healthy environment.

How we can help:
We purposefully scheduled a Sound Healing Meditation on Saturday, January 11 - right between these stellar celestial events to help you take time for personal reflection, gain new perspective and insight, reset your energy body, and get grounded - get ready- for the transformations that 2020 is sure to bring! RSVP to hold your spot.

We’ve added a NEW Winter Restorative Yoga Course to provide continued support through February to help you mitigate stress, deeply nourish your nerves and keep you calm.
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