Friday, May 3, 2019

Evolution is in the Air

Nothing in this universe ever stays the same.
No pattern ever repeats itself exactly.

As spring plants burst forth, you may notice how some plants sprout up in the same spot while others spread across your lawn or garden. Natural phenomena and scientific data indicate a Universe that is endlessly creative, ever-changing and persistently evolving.

We live in a cosmos that's ‘NEVER NOT’ changing!

The big question is:
Are you changing with it?
Or are you stuck in the ‘same old’ paradigm:
same old thoughts, same old habits,
same old patterns, same old emotional reactions?

While it’s natural inclination for humans to desire safety, security and stability (because the upside
of familiarity and repetition allows us to gain mastery in our lives), clinging to old habits puts us way out of sync with the ever-new and always-unfolding present moment. Holding onto the past blocks our current and future evolution.

With every act that is out of sync with nature/god/spirit, there’s a reckoning, reorientation, or rebalancing that eventually occurs. It’s the yin-yang of the karmic world at play, keeping the scales from tipping too way or the other.

Change is gonna come!!
Whether you resist change kicking and screaming,
welcome change with open arms, or roll with change
as each new day unfolds.

So, I’m curious:
Do you create Conscious change?
Or are you subject to Unconscious change?

Unconscious Change:
This type of change can feel like some one or something is forcing change upon you!
You cross your arms in stubborn resistance or even
 push back.

Eating the same foods, never changing your diet with the seasons, or phases of your life makes
you more susceptible to whatever illness is going around. Succumbing to colds, flu, allergies every year is one of your body’s ways to clear toxins and regain balance...all because you don’t know
how to consciously, purposely adjust your habits to remain healthy.

Unconsciously dumping unprocessed emotions onto another person (nature or animal) when an
old wound gets triggered. Then ditching that relationship to start another, instead of healing the
inner child/ego/wound.

Resisting leaving a job that you hate in search of a new job, then getting fired before you have a chance to give notice. (The universe just gave you a nudge in the direction you were already headed, according to your heart's desire, but were afraid to initiate yourself.)

“Oh, change is gonna come...”
Life never stays the same - even if we pretend that it is the same or wish really hard that it would remain the same. When we resist change, life can broadside our best intentions, but when we realize that change is the only constant...we stand a chance of evolving consciously.

Conscious Change:
This type of change may be challenging at time, but you are clear that it is healthy for you,

and you welcome change with respect and care.
Mindfully changing your diet with the seasons helps your body clear toxins/excess and fortify immunity. Purposeful change will up the odds of staying healthy, while others get sick.

Harnessing spiritual practice to uproot self-sabotaging patterns of thought, and replace them with self-loving thoughts and conscious acts of self-care and self-kindness.

Expanding self-awareness to recognize how your own energy, actions, words positively or negatively affect the people (plants, animals) around you.

Is the universe giving you a nudge?
What are you currently choosing to consciously evolve?
Are you able to find balance between a grounded center and life’s unexpected surprises?

For several years, I’ve wanted to express my affinity for sound healing and crystal singing bowls with others.

Prakasa was the first yoga studio in the Pioneer Valley to offer restorative yoga and sound healing events. I’m delighted to see how this combination of healing paths has caught on.

Now, I’m stepping into another of my heart’s desires – to play music with my husband George and offer our unique sound for  inspirational healing in our local community.

Something extraordinary happens in the space of silence, stillness.
Similar to meditation or prayer, the karmic veils lift and the perceived separateness between ego self and Evolved Self falls away.

In that sacred space, deep within us, we can touch and bask in Pure Spirit, Pure Love, Pure Divine Presence...

This is how humans all around the planet are evolving:
Shift attention from one’s mind to one’s heart, from thinking to feeling, from judging to loving, from doing to being. Then making evolved choices from this new place.

As George and I continue to evolve, we will continue to offer new classes, programs and events at Prakasa to support you on your evolutionary journey.

Come over and try something new! 
This one simple action can shift you out of an old habit.
You’re never too old to begin. It’s never too late to evolve one little aspect of your ‘one precious life’.

Reach out when you’re stuck and in need of holistic guidance  on health, aging, diet, weight, sleep, or spiritual evolution or therapeutic yoga to heal back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip pain.
We’re only a click or call away.

Look out for our new events and programs.
We’ve got some good things in the works (Reiki Trainings, Back Care Program, Sound Healing Workshops). So stay tuned for upcoming announcements and dates!!

Lynne & George

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